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Patience Stone Tote Bag

Patience Stone Tote Bag

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Heaven in Hiding collection black organic tote bag featuring the patience stone print and a woven Swedish flag tag.

'The Patience Stone, absorbs the plight of those who confide in it and is the
most empathetic of listeners. The stone harbors the sorrows and pains of
the person who put their trust in it and it is said that when the stone can no
longer contain the pain it harbors, it bursts into pieces. When the stone has
absorbed all the pain and suffering of the person, it will shatter and free the
individual from his or her woes.'

Design by Vessed.

Product Attributes

• Black, organic tote bag.
• Print on one side.
• Swedish woven flag tag.
• EarthPositive Climate Neutral.


• 100% Combed Organic Cotton
• Plain weave 3.54 oz / 120 g

Care Instructions

Do not wash.


Width: 38cm
Length: 42cm


• 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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