It is imperative to us that our merchandise is made from the highest quality garments, all sustainable and cruelty free, so that you can wear your favorite items again and again with a good conscience.

We use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials in our products, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment.

That's why we only use suppliers that live up to the highest quality and ethical standards of clothing production. All of our merchandise has been produced by Fair Wear certified manufacturers, to ensure the safety and fair working conditions for their employees.

Every small step counts. As we all have an impact on the envirmonment by the choices we make, we strive to make our imprint as small as possible through our store by choosing materials that has a positive effect on people and the planet.

The flag is a symbol to let you know where you bought your merchandise from, a sign of quality and sustainability, a message by Imminence.

From Sweden with love

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