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Heaven in Hiding: Deluxe Edition - Limited Box Set

Heaven in Hiding: Deluxe Edition - Limited Box Set

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Limited edition box set of Heaven in Hiding (Deluxe Edition), the fourth studio album by Imminence. Containing four 10" vinyls in gold finish, one CD, one photo print of each band member and a 52-page saddle stiched photo art book with selected images by Eddie Berg. Including the bonus track 'Jaded', four acoustic re-imaginations and four tracks recorded live in Studio Mega with string quartet.

Limited to 500 copies. 100 signed copies available.

No. 1
Side A
1 I am become a name...
2 Ghost
3 Temptation

Side B
1 Surrender
2 Chasing Shadows
3 Moth to a Flame

No. 2
Side A
1 Alleviate
2 Enslaved
3 Disappear

Side B
1 Lost and Left Behind
2 این نیز بگذرد
3 ∞
4 Heaven in Hiding

No. 3
Side A
1 Jaded
2 Tentación

Side B
1 Heaven in Hiding (Acoustic)
2 Alleviate (Acoustic)
3 Ghost (Acoustic)

No. 4
Side A
1 Ghost (Live in Studio Mega)
2 Chasing Shadows (Live in Studio Mega)

Side B
1 Temptation (Live in Studio Mega)
2 Heaven in Hiding (Live in Studio Mega)

Artwork by Jakob Koc.
Released 2023 on Arising Empire Records.

Photography by Oscar Dziedziela.

Product Attributes

• Limited edition box set.
• Four 10" vinyls in gold finish.
• One CD.
• Five photo prints, one of each band member.
• One photo art book.


Box: 267x267x27mm
Vinyls: 10"
Book: 254x254mm
Photo prints: 250x250mm


• 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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