Our materials

Our materials

When we decided to start our webshop in 2019 we knew we wanted to make a change. Our choices have consequences and we made sure ours have a positive impact on the future. We're taking a stand in how merchandise should be created. That's why our merchandise is only manufactured with organic and or re-cycled material.

Cultivating organic cotton is a responsible practice that safeguards against the introduction of harmful chemicals into the soil and prevents their contamination of nearby rivers, lakes, and seas. This approach ensures that the water employed in organic farming is not wasted but can be reused, ultimately replenishing the soil and various water sources without harm. The overall positive impact on water quality, soil health, and biodiversity underscores our commitment to preserving the well-being and livelihoods of cotton farmers and their communities.

In our products, we exclusively use recycled polyester derived from post-consumer PET bottles. It is evident that addressing the issue of plastic waste has emerged as a paramount environmental challenge in our era. Globally, approximately 9.5 million tonnes of plastic find their way into our oceans each year, with a significant portion being single-use plastics.

The incorporation of recycled polyester not only minimizes the environmental footprint of our products but also results in substantial energy savings during the manufacturing process when compared to conventional, non-recycled polyester.

It is fundamental to us that our products are of very high quality and from eco-friendly and fair trade sources. The only way forward is sustainability, so we decided to reduce our plastic consumption to a bare minimum. Our merchandise come packed in 100% bio-degradable plastic and are being shipped using compostable and/or eco-friendly packaging. 

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Source: Stanley/Stella
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