For a sustainable future of our band, we have decided to run everything ourselves here in Sweden, to not let anyone else determine the quality or care for our products.

Every single step this band has taken has been thanks to the people who followed our journey. You have made it possible for us to do what we love and what we do best and over and over again amazed us with your fantastic support that has been taking Imminence further than we could have ever dreamt of when we started this band. 

With the help from you - the supporters, listeners, fans and loved ones - we're able to dedicate ourselves to our passion. We can write new music. We can tour. We can make ourselves heard, and all this now liberated from commercial interests.

We're treasuring every single one of our supporters just as much. All contributions goes directly to helping this band continue doing what we do and to creating more art that is meaningful to us and you.

From Sweden with love

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