From Sweden with love

From Sweden with love

From Sweden with love - the one and only official home of merchandise for Imminence. 

We started our webstore in 2019 with a goal to ensure that the level of care we share for our craft and our music would translate into everything we touch. For us, Imminence is more than music. It is love, compassion, memories we get to share with an ever growing community. It's only natural that this should be reflected in the products we produce that bears the Imminence trademark.

Everything is run here, by ourselves, in Sweden. We develop the designs and concepts; we pack and ship the orders with our own hands; we reply to your inquiries in need of customer support; we even designed and created this whole platform ourselves. Every step of the way, from us, with love.

We know we can not compete with bigger webstores in terms of shipping time and delivery - and we don't want to. We realised that if we want to do things our way, it had to be done by us. The journey might be longer, but it helps to keep our music alive.

The profit from one shirt is approximately the equivalent of 5000 streams on today’s digital platforms, so by purchasing our merchandise directly from us, you are supporting our music in the best way possible.

For so many years the music industry standard has been to produce the cheapest quality merchandise to maximise profits. We understand how difficult it is to earn a living from music alone and the importance of fan support through merchandise. But we want to be part of changing the standard. We believe that wearing your favorite band shirt shouldn't come at the price of harming people, animals or the planet.

 From Sweden with love


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