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Turn The Light On: Deluxe Edition - Marbled White Vinyl

Turn The Light On: Deluxe Edition - Marbled White Vinyl

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Limited version of Turn The Light On (Deluxe Edition), the third full length album by Imminence, on double 12" 180g marbled white vinyl including 9 bonus tracks.

Limited to 500 copies.

Side A
1 Erase
2 Paralyzed
3 Room To Breathe
4 Saturated Soul
5 Infectious
6 The Sickness

Side B
7 Death of You
8 Scars
9 Disconnected
10 Wake Me Up
11 Don't Tell a Soul
12 To The Light (Japanese Bonus Track)

Side C
13 Lighthouse
14 Love & Grace
15 Paralyzed (Live in Studio Mega)
16 Saturated Soul (Live in Studio Mega)
17 Infectious (Live in Studio Mega)

Side D
18. Erase (Acoustic)
19. Saturated Soul (Acoustic)
20. Paralyzed (Acoustic)
21. Disconnected (Acoustic)
22. Infectious (Acoustic)

Photography by Oscar Dziedziela.
Artwork by Jakob Koc.
Released 2020 on Arising Empire Records.

Product Attributes

• 12" 180g double vinyl.
• Gatefold cover.
• Marbled white edition.
• 9 bonus tracks.



• 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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